The ‘reACT’ program has been established to promote and support emerging and student artists whose work is dedicated to or inspired by the Middle East & Arab world by providing a space within the P21 Gallery for an artistic intervention.

Producing contemporary art is very much connected to the way that artists and institutions present the artwork and requires a space where artists can be in direct dialogue with society. Therefore, selected artists are presented with an invaluable opportunity to produce an artwork specifically designed for a section of the P21 gallery (that is not part of any particular exhibition) for a period of time ranging from 1–3 weeks. The intention is to provoke and entice artists to create site-specific artwork for P21 Gallery, taking into consideration its physical space and ethos as a contemporary art institution in London with a focus on the Middle East, while also encouraging personal expression, exploration and cultural affirmation through artistic practice.

P21 Gallery will provide the artist the space to exhibit their work at no cost, assist with curation, and provide standard printed materials. All other fees (including flights, accommodations, and any additional materials) will be incurred by the artist.

P21 Gallery is an independent London-based charitable trust established to promote contemporary Middle Eastern and Arab art and culture. ‘reACT’ aims to contribute in building and strengthening cultural ties and dialogues between the East and West on terms designed by a younger generation.


To apply please click here.