Just Like us.  Moving Freely, Nablus. My Name is Saleh.


18:30HR - 20:30H


Three films about education and children’s lives in Palestine. In Just Like Us Palestinian high school students in Nazareth, Israel, talk about hobbies, friends, school, and hopes for the future.  The film looks to break down stereotypes, and address issues of inequalities. Moving Freely, Nablus is about young people from Askar UNWRA school in Askar Refugee Camp, talk about their lives and teach the Dabke dance - a traditional Palestinian dance. My Name is Saleh was filmed in Hebron. In the film, 10 year old Saleh talks about his life and the obstacles he faces on a daily basis. It is a film that will resonate with everyone who sees it and the hope is that it will be shared widely by all groups concerned about human rights and justice in Palestine.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Kiri Tunks  moderated by Susan Boulter.

Kiri Tunks is executive member of the PSC and Junior Vice President (Elect )of the NUT, author of an article about the films in Palestine News.

Susan Boulter is ex-head of South West Herts Ethnic Minority Achievement Centre.

Tickets: £3 at the door