Artists and Curator Talk


by Rawan Serhan, Lisa Premke, Nadine Hattom, Eduardo Suarez, Marco Pando, Joe Hornby moderated by Abdoolkarim Vakil 


Saturday, 17 September 2016, 4pm


A discussion on the process of Languitecture in which the artists share their experiences working on the project. 


Rawan Serhan is an architect, acoustician and artist currently living and working in London. Her passion for sound and space design led her to combine visuals and sounds in her work in order to create a contradictory atmosphere of tension and harmony. She is now experimenting with dance compositions to allow the body to take over and narrate the story. 

Lisa Premke studied architecture and fine arts at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. During her Bachelor studies, she already started to correlate architecture and sound. She furthered that interest through the Masters of Sound degree she undertook at the Glasgow School of Art. Her large architectonic sound installations often link to the site visually as well as audibly. Over the last years she has taken part in a number of residencies, developing site-specific projects that seem eternal but are mainly temporary. For a few years Lisa has been working for film and audio plays as a sound designer as well as organising exhibitions and artist residencies.

Nadine Hattom is an Iraqi Australian visual artist currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her body of work deals with several main themes. The first is an investigation of photography as sculpture, and of the dialogue that can be created between image and object. She also explores creating a vocabulary that addresses the cultural shift from written to visual representation, that an image can be read like a word, and its meaning redefined. Finally, her use of landscape to investigate her identity and examine the power structures that have governed the discourse surrounding that landscape. With her focus often being a Middle Eastern landscape.

Eduardo Suarez is a software developer with a background in classical music. He is passionate about other music styles and did incursions in Flamenco and South American music. In the last few years he has been exploring free improvisation, which has become his main discipline.

Joe Hornby is an acoustician, musician and visual artist living and working in London. He works across a broad creative spectrum, exploring music composition, sound design, spatial audio, photography and graphic arts. Many of his works involve an interactive component, translating the viewer into a participant for a transient experience.

AbdoolKarim Vakil studied his BA in History and Economics at York University before becoming a Lecturer in Portuguese Studies, University of Leeds. From there he went on to become a Lecturer in Contemporary Portuguese History, and Head of Department in the Department of Portuguese & Brazilian Studies at King’s College London. AbdoolKarim has recently also become a Lecturer in the Department of History at King’s College London.