P21 Gallery invites you live audio-visual performance by experimental artist and composer

Dirar Kalash

10th August 2016, 20:30 – 22:00

Narratives of Palestinian exile and return have to given rise to a particular culture with its own audio-visual counterpart, known as “return” or “refugee” culture (thaqafat al-a’wda / thaqafat al-lojoo’). In Dirar Kalash’s live audio-visual performance, return from exile will be presented as “an immanent state of being - as persistent as inhalation and exhalation - which automatically cancels the state of exile.”
In his words,“the performance symbolises a transcendence of official histories and narratives, in which a sound as soft as a whisper can become deafeningly loud, and where apparently still images can show signs of movement. Acts of resistance - and the journey from a ‘passive’ to an ‘active’ refugee or prisoner will be presented as arising not only from risk, but rather from the will to constitute a different reality.”

Dirar Kalash is originally from Kofor Qari - a village near Haifa - artist and composer Dirar is currently based in The Hague where he recently graduated with a Masters of Music from The Institute of Sonology. Dirar regularly holds both solo and collaborative performances, spanning from audio-visual, free jazz, string ensemble, solo piano, and live electronic performances. He is also active as a visual artist and has participated in a variety of group exhibitions and art festivals in Palestine, Egypt and Europe. Exploring the relationship between sound/music and language, architecture, mathematics, visual arts and social sciences, his work spans a wide range of sonic practices through experimental composition and improvisation.

Free Event