The Missing Clown
A workshop by Mo’min Swaitat in solidarity with Abu Sakha and all administrative detainees

Saturday, 27th August 2016, 12:00-5:30pm


Mohammad Abu Sakha is a 24 year-old Palestinian circus teacher and performer from Jenin. Deprived of much of his own childhood after living through the Second Intifada, he began teaching hundreds of children at the Palestinian Circus School and volunteering at a centre for young people with physical and learning disabilities.
On 14th December 2015, Mohammad was arrested by the Israeli military and has since been detained without charge or trial. No evidence has been brought against him.
An international campaign was launched in solidarity with Mohammad. Demonstrations were held in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Israel, Gaza, Brazil and the USA. Amnesty International took on the case and over 30,000 people signed a petition calling for Mohammad’s release.
Mohammad was initially given a 6-month sentence, and both him and his family were led to believe that he would be released due to international pressure when the sentence ran out on 13th June of this year. Yet, after hours of waiting - his family having prepared the house for his arrival - he was told at the last minute that he would spend another 6 months in jail...still without charge or trial. No one knows what will happen in December.
Mohammad is one of several hundred prisoners being held under administrative detention - a practice that allows Israel to hold Palestinians indefinitely without charge or trial. The aim of this event is show enough solidarity and support to discourage the military authorities from renewing Mohammad’s detention again.


Here’s the plan:

All money raised in the workshops will go into a postcard campaign. The idea is to flood Israeli jails with messages of support and solidarity for Abu Sakha and all administrative detainees. You can read more about the campaign here.



12:00 - 4.30pm: Clown workshop including half an hour break for lunch.
4.30-5.30pm: Open event including a short film screening and a panel discussion with Momin Swaitat and Grazia Careccia - a lawyer and human rights activist who has worked at the UN, Oxfam, Al Haq and Child Soldiers International.


Suggested donation of £15 (every penny of which will go into the above campaign, letting adminstrative detainees know that they are not alone) but all donations most welcome.

Momin Swaitat is a Palestinian actor who trained at the Freedom Theatre, Jenin. After graduating from the London International School for Performing Arts last year - where he studied clowning and physical theatre - he will now deliver a workshop exploring how to access your inner clown and looking at both the dark and the lighter aspects of performing as a clown.

As spaces are limited please RSVP to register your attendance