Private View: Friday 19th January 2018, 18:00 - 20:00

Exhibition Dates: 20th January – 10th February 2018


Curators: CARU | Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit


Artists:  Alissar McCreary, Janice Howard, Robin James, Ray Hedger, Katie Taylor, Alex Newton, Fiona Harvey, Anna Yearwood, Aldobranti and Blanca Rodriguez Beltran …as well as those who participated in the disPLACED workshops.


Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit presents a group exhibition in the beautiful P21 gallery. The show includes a solo exhibition by Lebanese artist Alissar McCreary, which showcases her practice-based PhD research.

Upstairs on the ground floor, the exhibition brings together artists whose work evokes a wide range of responses to the title theme ‘disPLACED’. The works include photography, video, painting, prints, sculpture, as well as an accumulative installation of small figurines made by the public. Visitors are invited to create and add their own little person to the installation.

Downstairs, Alissar McCreary presents the culmination of her seven-year research into her experience of displacement as a Lebanese refugee. Her PhD, titled “Hybrid Residues/Memories: Utilising active participation within sculptural art practice as a direct form of communication to implicate experiences of war and displacement.”, explores the reciprocity between art, active participation, and traced memories of displacement. ‘The aim of my research is to examine what American philosopher and artist David Abram calls ‘sensorial empathy’. In my thesis I have appropriated the term and redefined it as the ‘silent sense’. I interpret this ‘silent sense’ as a kind of connection or ‘knowing’ that we intuitively recognise but cannot always articulate or express with language. I am interested in how and when sensorial empathy takes place, and how it might affect the viewer’s perception of the displacement which is happening every day to millions of people in the world.’


About CARU:

CARU | Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit is an interdisciplinary research platform, led by arts researchers and practitioners from an array of disciplines and international backgrounds. Currently based in Oxford and working closely with local and national organizations, CARU promotes an ethos of collaborative practice by organizing and participating in diverse cultural activities, from academic seminars and conferences to exhibitions of artworks and performances. We aim to provide an open and active forum for exchange of ideas and information, assisting artists and researchers in taking their work outside of studios and institutions to share their work and engage directly with the public. 


Press Information

For further exhibition information, press images and interview opportunities, please contact the gallery: info@p21.org.uk, or CARU: Email | info@ca-ru.org, Facebook/Twitter | CARUpage



Supported by: Oxford Brookes University and Oxfordshire City Council