Tints of Resilience

Art and the development of resilience in zones of conflict.


PRIVATE VIEWING Thursday, 16th August 2018, 18:00 - 20:00

EXHIBITION DATES 17th August - 6th September 2018 


CURATOR Rania Mneimneh


ARTISTS Anas Albraehe, Ayman Nahleh, Diala Brisly, Dima Nachawi, Ghaleb Hawila, Ghassan Ismail, Margaux Chalançon, Nour Huda, Rania Mneimneh, Youssef Doughan, Zeina Kanawati


P21 Gallery is proud to present Tints of Resilience, a collective exhibition curated by Rania Mneimneh. Bringing together the works of eleven international artists in a rich tapestry of visual artworks, photography, poetry and film, the exhibition explores the potential of art in developing resilience in zones of conflict.

In times of war, life is interrupted and individuals find themselves forcibly alienated from their lands, traditions, and communities. This three-week exhibition places art at the heart of adversity, examining its ability to reconnect and maintain the bonds with home, people, and tradition.

Eleven artists, currently or previously living in the Middle East, share their experiences in art-making and using art to cope with war, asylum, injury and search for identity. They present both individual explorations and artistic collaborations with refugee children, social workers, and art therapists.

Tints of Resilienceartworks trace the intimate process of coping with family death, forced migration, identity crisis, cultural loss, and difficulties in integration. The exhibition offers a sharing space with a variety of artistic media where the process stands alongside the end product including documentaries, paintings, illustrations and photography. The topics reflect the voices of Middle Eastern communities and stimulate an open conversation with the international public, overcoming the barriers of language and apprehension. 

Visitors are invited to join the artists in vibrant aesthetic moments where art making provides the opportunity to address conflict and alienation through the unfolding of multiple narratives.

The curator of the exhibition, Lebanese designer & artist Rania Mneimneh, was born at the end of the Lebanese civil war: “I believe in the vitality of the artistic experience, in times when our aspirations are choked by constant instability.”

Tints of Resilienceis in keeping with the gallery’s commitment to promoting contemporary Arab art and culture. The exhibition proposes a rich public programme including a live Arabic calligraphy mural performance by young calligrapher Ghaleb Hawila and a seminar talk with both art therapist Myra Saad and artist Diala Brisly on the pivotal role of art making and art therapy in developing resilience for youth and adults in zones of conflict. The talk will follow Diala on her journey from war to asylum, to artistic production in Europe. 

The exhibit will also be raising donations for Alphabet For Alternative Education, a non-governmental organization based in Lebanon and providing access to education to refugee children who have lost access to schooling since 2011.



The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFACis an independent foundation registered in Switzerland since 2007 with an office based in Beirut, which supports contemporary artists and cultural institutions from the Arab region through an annual granting program. This covers literature, film, music, photography, performing arts and visual arts as well as research, training and regional events. Two fundamental principles guide AFAC›s mode of work: transparency in the grant giving process and independence through a diversity of funding sources.

Alphabet For Alternative Educationis a registered Lebanese NGO founded in September 2013 with focus on alleviating the education problem for displaced children resulting from the Syrian crisis. Through a specialised intensive curriculum and a specifically trained staff, children that had no or limited access to any form of schooling are brought back to the appropriate level for their age before being enrolled in official Lebanese Public schools. Since 2013, Alphabet has taught over 2000 children and over 60 of its graduates are now enrolled in formal schooling.



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Supported by: AFAC The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Alphabet For Alternative Educationand private individuals.